May 1 Salon – The Vision of Delight

I hope that you have been enjoying the warmer weather and celebrating the beginning of nature’s annual act of renewal.
Four hundred years ago, the great English poet and playwright Ben Jonson wrote an exquisite short masque entitled  The Vision of Delight that pays tribute to the coming of spring in an elaborate allegorical pageant of poetry, music and dance. Derek Boyes and I are hard at work adapting Jonson’s “vision” for our next Salon.
I am excited that a number of TMT’s good friends will be on hand — including soprano Shannon Mercer, lutenist Ben Stein, and a handful of students from the George Brown Theatre School — to give a staged reading, with music, of  The Vision of Delight. It all takes place  in the beautiful surroundings of the Atrium at 21 Shaftesbury Avenue.

A s always, there will be food and drink on offer and Derek and I will give an informative and entertaining introduction to the work before our performance. In addition, I will be outlining the details of our exciting 2017/18 season of events. Please join us for the last performance of 2016/17 as we welcome the coming of spring!
Larry Beckwith

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